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To Brown’s Bottle Shop in Stillwater, OK

People come from up to 40 miles away just to shop at our liquor store! That’s because we have the area’s largest selection of beer, wine, and spirits. Whether you are hosting an event or need the perfect bottle of wine for your Friday evening dinner, we have the perfect selection.

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Stop in and allow our knowledgeable and friendly staff to match you with your needs.

Our Story

From Humble Beginnings

Brown’s Bottle Shop has been in business for over 60 years. When Oklahoma went “wet” in 1959, a small package store opened for business behind the ‘Honk & Holler’ at the corner of Main and Miller Streets. Several years later, Dick and Carlene Brown acquired the store in the fall of 1966.

By 1970, it was clear that 800 square feet of floor space would not cut it,’ and the landlord was prevailed upon to enlarge the existing structure. As the industry grew and consumer interest in wine increased, the business again outgrew its building. Another enlargement took place in 1980, adding more retail area, a bigger stockroom, and upstairs offices. By now, the ‘Honk & Holler’ was gone, and the increased visibility from Main Street continued to spur the store’s growth.

In 2000, the cash registers were retired in favor of computers, vastly improving the ability of the staff to monitor sales trends and offer timely specials to the public. It rapidly became clear that another expansion was in order. Unfortunately, city underground utilities and codes prevented further enlargement of the existing building, so plans were made to renovate the Grimsley’s Supply building next door.

In the fall of 2001, Brown’s moved to its current location, now boasting nearly 5000 square feet of floor space. In August 2018, Longtime general manager John Franzmann purchased the business from the Browns and began further changes to the store. Changes in state law allowed refrigeration to be added for beer and wine, and the prohibition of non-alcoholic items was lifted. New categories of glassware, barware, snacks, pop, and mixers were added.

State of the Art

Brown’s Bottle Shop today is a state-of-the-art wine and spirits store

Brightly lit, clearly marked aisles host one of the state’s largest inventories of alcoholic products. Computerized ordering means we can check the availability of any product not currently in stock. Our “World Tour” of single beers tops 500 types, more than any other ‘pick 6’ in the state. Brown’s has over 200 types of vodka and more than 3000 types of wine. Our buying power allows us to stock limited-release and hard-to-find items that the other stores cannot find.

Knowledgeable Staff

Part of what separates Brown’s Bottle Shop from the rest of the pack is our breadth of knowledge. Need a great bottle of wine for a gift? We can point you in the right direction. Do you like sweet or dry? Red or white? What are you planning on eating with the wine? All of these questions have answers when you come to Brown’s!

Staff Training

Several times a year, training events are held to educate the staff on the flavors and styles of different types of wine. Food pairing events are held to make sure the staff can help select the perfect accompaniment for any meal. Brown’s trainings have launched careers in the industry for over a dozen former employees in the past years and have become an important resource for beverage and food-pairing knowledge in the community.

Not to be outdone, our beer guru, Chuck Haley, provides a beer education forum for the staff once a year. As a result, our staff is very clever. Come see for yourself!

Join Our Rewards Program Today!

We appreciate your patronage and are proud to offer a rewards program for our community. When you sign up, you will receive an email notification about the points you can earn from shopping with us. We will keep track of your points and let you know when you have enough for a reward or discount!


I am sooo thirsty! When are you open?

State Law regulates our business hours. Brown’s is open Monday through Wednesday, 9:00 AM until 10:00 PM, and Thursday through Saturday, 9:00 AM until 11:00 PM. We are required to be closed on Sundays, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

My infant child isn’t going to buy anything; can I bring them inside? I have heard leaving them unattended in the car is not legal.

Yes, bringing underage people into the store is finally legal, provided a parent or guardian accompanies them. FYI – It is considered furnishing alcohol to a minor to purchase alcohol and hand it to your child in the car, even if it is only to steady the package. Be safe – put it in the trunk.

I need a flask and some nice wine glasses. Can I get them from you?

Yes! We carry glassware, shot glasses, flasks, barware, gift bags, and many other accessories.

Do you have punch cards and frequent buyer programs?

We have a point rewards system. Sign up, and we will remind you when you have sufficient points for various rewards and discounts.

Does a special order have to be a full case of the same thing? I’m not sure I can use that much.

No. You can order as little as one bottle and mix cases. There are additional savings from the supplier for single-item full cases if you need a larger quantity.

I had Beer-o Obscure-o on vacation. Can I order it from you?

Maybe. Chances are that if we could get it, we would already have it, but new stuff always becomes available. Here is how it works: we cannot order direct. A wholesaler arranges to represent a product in this state and pays a fee to do so. He sells the product to us, and we sell it to you. If an Oklahoma wholesaler does not carry a product, then it is unavailable in this state. If a product is available and in stock, we can get it for you, sometimes overnight, sometimes a little longer (depending on wholesaler delivery schedules).

If a product is available but does not sell well enough to cover the broker fees or generate profit for the wholesaler, it will not remain available in Oklahoma. So keep buying your favorite stuff!

For more information, get in touch with us at 405-372-5080.

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